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S.S. Liquied Gives tough protection to tyres

S.S. Liquied – CGE

For Tubeless Tyres

SS Liquid promptly seals tire punctures, minimizing downtime and ensuring a speedy continuation of journeys.

Enhances driver safety by effectively sealing punctures, reducing the risk of accidents and blowouts.

Prevents slow leaks, maintaining optimal tire pressure for a longer lifespan and fewer replacements.

Saves money by minimizing flat tires and reducing the frequency of tire replacements.

Suitable for various tire types, providing a practical solution for different transportation needs.


S.S Liquied – CGO

  • Eliminates the need for tire changes in emergencies, offering a convenient, mess-free solution..
  • Reduces discarded tires, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Effective in diverse temperatures, ensuring reliability year-round.
  • Easily incorporates into regular tire maintenance for proactive care and enhanced performance.
  • Simple application process requires no specialized tools, making it accessible to all users.

S.S. Agniveer Tyre Sealant

  • Most affordable tyre sealant from S.S. Liquied Family,
  • Inspired from the nation,
  • provides stability in daily life, saves time,
  • Minimizes tire waste and production demand, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to transportation.
  • SS Liquid has a long shelf life, remaining effective even after extended periods, ensuring reliability when needed.

S.S. Liquied CGL

  • S.S. Liquied CGL specially designed for two wheelers,
  • S.S liquied CGL lowers the temperature of tyre which increases the life of tyre,
  • S.S. Liquied tyre sealant automatically repairs small punctures and maintaine air pressure in tyre which allows hassle free daily journeys,
  • S.S. Liquied saves lots of time in daily life,

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